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Originally Posted by _if View Post
I kind of hate that some of these things look to me like attractive things to buy because I'm still susceptible to the idea that it's kinda "neat" and cool to have. I haven't bought any yet, but that would surely change the moment something by Sakimoto came out on vinyl... And of course, I'd be one of those people who wouldn't play it or likely even open it. Grr. (Not that I would resell it and scalp people though, that's not very nice.)
This is how I view most vinyl things. I don't think I have the ears or equipment to notice any difference, I just buy vinyl as collector items, as things that aren't available otherwise or just out of sheer reverence for the artist or album. I don't even own a record player right now but I'd like to get one soon just to see the difference or maybe actually listen to some of them once and a while.
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