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I just bought Celceta (the game). Some of the songs I've heard so far sound alright when they could have very bad. In The Scorching Flames sounds ok, and I like that it's been repurposed into a boss theme.

I came across all this when looking up what songs are in it. It's clear that I didn't read either thread particularly well, and that I need to. This really shouldn't have been split.

I don't have a problem with preference. I have a problem with the lack of care in that preference, I have a problem with preference being called conclusion. I have a problem with dishonesty and lies.

Originally Posted by GoldfishX View Post
I'm surprised how tiny the tracklist is, considering the original Ys IV is about 60-80 tracks long. This seems to be about half that, with several new stuffs in there.
Ys IV itself is 55 tracks. The Perfect Collection albums have extra material.

Originally Posted by Matron View Post
(well I actually like 'Tower' and 'Battle #58' is disappointing, but it's not too difficult to be better than both JDK Specials)
This right here is the entire problem with the Falcom community. They live off incredibly dull arranges and cannot process proper FM synth. It is absolutely horrifying behavior that shows a complete lack of taste and respect to anyone who creates or consumes music.

Originally Posted by GoldfishX View Post
Felghana lost me because it tried to do too much of everything, nothing particularly well (hard rock, techno and orchestral vs the splendid keyboard-laced power rock of the redbook audio). Some of the newer tracks have this identity crisis trait, but even the straight rock tracks are just outright boring and pretty stagnant.
Correct, but Felghana didn't try to do everything, it tried to do nothing. It is the safest and the most banal way of handling music on the entire planet.

FM, FC, SFC, PCE, they're all far superior. Ys VI and Origin, both far superior. Felghana is irredemable trash. There is zero soul within the Felghana soundtrack, even as the game threatens to be one of the greatest RPGs ever made.

Originally Posted by Matron View Post
I still can't figure why the hell they put Ys IV stuff on this game when his president says in interviews things like "this is not Ys IV" or "Ys Celceta was planned to be Ys 8". It's just ugh.
For all we know, Felghana was planned to be Ys VII.

Originally Posted by GoldfishX View Post
The redbook for Ys III and the Perfect Collections for 1, 2 and 4 are mostly the definitive versions for me, yet I still enjoy variations such as Ys Book 1 and 2 redbook (I quite like this version, but I consider it somewhat overrated), Ys III Perfect Collection (minimal effort, but I'm happy with the final sounding product...also bias because it was my first Perfect Collection album), Ys III Super Arrange (solid album, some of the best individual versions of several Ys III tracks) and Ys III/IV JDK Special (solid companion pieces to the better albums of both). These newer versions just join stuff like Midi Collections, Ys 1 and 2 Renewal, Ys I and II Eternal and Ys Provincialism (yeah I went there) as ones that don't quite cut it.
I is horrible, II is incredible. When they did Complete, they redid I to sound more like II. Ys I+II Complete is almost the best way to hear those games; Ys I+II PCE is very interesting and some tracks turn out better.

Ys III X68000 also threatens to be the best way to hear that game, alongside Ys III PCE.

Originally Posted by Hellacia View Post
I respect the opinions of someone who writes negative reviews 1/5 times more than someone who writes negative reviews 1/100 times, because they don't come off as just "liking everything", they come off as having some kind of actual taste. Let's face it, "I like 99% of what I hear" is not real taste. "I like 80% of what I hear" is far more believable.
Agreed. However, a lot of people are incapable of singling out what's wrong with a game. Too many people have zero knowledge of the era or genre they're getting themselves into. They tend to pick one minor thing that they either just dislike or completely missed the point about, and they snowball that into the entire game/album/whatever being a horribly flawed mess. But above all else, they always treat this flawed opinion as god and judge the creators of that work as devils. I see it all the time at places like SEMO, RPGFan, and of course GameFAQs; the only real difference is that SEMO and RPGFan usually have better English.

I sound like I treat my opinion as god because I do the research and I am confident in my report. I do not throw out opinions lightly because I actually study the work first. Most people do not, and you can tell because they talk about how works they dislike will do horrible things that they would praise in their favorite works as great things. It's pseudo-intellectualism, a word that I hate and only use because it's the best way to describe this horror.

You can tell I do the research because I talk about things with the idea that "dating" is a flawed concept. It leads so many great or terrible things being endlessly praised or endlessly derided simply because they're old. These things become untouchable for the honest, thorough, and group-involved reviews that every work deserves.

Reviews are supposed to be a lot more boring than they are. Getting the material for those reviews is the fun part, and it's something everyone should be a part of. Reviews as they are now are conducted only by and for individuals, and they are expected to make money and/or convert people to their "order" instead of informing people about the work; to achieve this, they are automatically sensationalist and highly preferential. This is why so many people unquestionably accept reviews without ever trying the work for themselves.

Review sites are monsters because they masquerade sheer preference as laws to abide by. These reviews are fundamentally without merit.

Originally Posted by Ramza View Post
Newsflash: I'm Patrick Gann. RPGFan was basically my life's work for over a decade. There are almost 1600 soundtrack reviews there, and 1000 of them are me. So it goes beyond opinion to insulting thousands of hours of my own labor.
I honestly don't remember what that conversation in IRC turned out to be.

I will say that you are a horrible person. You lack taste and knowledge in many areas. You brandish your personal opinions against or for work creators, and you care very little about the effort put into a work that anyone with sense would be able to gauge. You dare to refer to your half-hearted, your effortless preference as "labor".

I don't really care that you happen to like the color red, that you happen to dislike the color blue, and that you happen to hate people who like the color blue. There's nothing there for anyone to care about, except for what you will do with this hatred.

Originally Posted by NaotaM View Post
It always irks me when people feel the need to pollute their own statements with useless sentences like this, and more so when said people then wonder angrily and defensively when people label them as trolls. You do realize "Well, it's not THAT good" or "God, why do people even LIKE this?" are not valid critiques or statements of any substance, right? I even agree with you and I find your posts obnoxious.

Why even care that much if other people like it? Are you really that befuddled at the opinions of others or are you just being transparently hyperbolic to make your unpopular stance that much more visible and thus validated?
You are a hundred times worse than Ramza. He does not understand merit, this is something he can fix. You do not understand how anything in this world is formed, you are broken beyond repair. I have spent many years trying to explain anything at all to your kind and it has only ever caused problems. I'm not doing it anymore, I'm not falling for the real trolling in this world anymore.

Originally Posted by taelusramza View Post
The most important thing to me isn't that we write some review that breaks down the technical aspects of an album in minute detail (especially since approximately none of our writers have any theoretical background in music, other than me, and I'm only learning any of that -now-), utilizing proper musical terminology.
Never do this. You will be doing the exact same thing, just on the other side of the spectrum. Get off the spectrum entirely.
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