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Let me clarify: I am extremely grateful that the Western game music album scene blew up, produced catalogs and album reviews in order to spread information and overviews of what so and so albums contained, ultimately leading to VGMdb, blogs like Original Sound Version, and the general ease with which me, <<J>>, and others can listen to CD game music nowadays. They're not much fun to read and consult anymore, but that realization led me to investigate more albums on my own rather than dismissing or putting off listening to them, so I can't say it wasn't worthwhile skimming through Falcom album reviews on SEMO and then listening to their catalog starting in 2014 when I'd already given SNK and Tecno Soft a shot. An RPGFan review got me to search out and find the album for Gotzendiener—that ended on a good note.

Calling these sites (reviews, features, and interviews) insults to video game music, as a whole, is hyperbole. They're products of the early World Wide Web that were novel in their day and forgivable now (though not easy).
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