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Originally Posted by dissident93 View Post
Well who/what decides what doesn't get added if we allowed only "mainstream" film scores? I think this is better for a separate sister project.
Agree with that one 100%. The idea of this place including mainstream hollywood film scores doesn't set well with me. As said before, by me and by others, it could lead this place down an ugly and unrecognizable path. I don't want it to be the case of "Video Game Music Database" yet it starts including all these mainstream hollywood film scores, and then the site and forum starts getting an influx of film buffs, and possibly a more casual user base compared to what it is right now. I don't know what it could do, and I am not the one that leads the site, and who knows, maybe it won't, and maybe I don't know better, but still, practices such as this are very tricky. I am not 100% keen on comic and anime soundtracks, but I can tell you right now I can tolerate an anime soundtrack inclusion better than a mainstream hollywood film or even western comic book, because the comic book geekdom is kind of a thing at this moment, and hollywood film, well, is a notable thing. I think the biggest problem with including anime of this caliber is that it appears that can cause this place to lead to something like mainstream hollywood film soundtracks. I think at some point, they need to hit the breaks. It totally feels like it could pave the way for this site seeing a massive sellout, and it could lead this place to becoming too professional, and too casual. Before we know it, the site may end up having a totally different look, may behave different, and it could lead to this place not living up to its name. Only keeping the word 'VGMdb" for recognition purposes, but it will end up standing for nothing. It will just be letters. Perhaps I am stretching things too far, or I have a wild imagination, but you can't deny stuff like this has happened before, and has happened more times than it should have. It's an example of what happens if you have no restraint. But then again, I don't run this site, and I don't have much experience with what it is like dealing with this, so what do I know?
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