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Originally Posted by _if View Post
I agree 100% with what you said, and it's fueled by 1) an appeal to being sort of counter-culture and special, the feeling of specialness enhanced by a large proportion of records released these days being limited editions, and 2) by the provably scientifically false belief that vinyl offers, not only better sound than a CD, but the ultimate in sound quality. Even if the dedicated vinyl audiophiles don't make up a majority, they're such vocal advocates of vinyl that I suspect most who buy records have at least heard that opinion and have incorporated it on some level in their idea of the format, even if they don't think about it much. Some proponents admit it has more distortions but that they just like the sound of them, which is valid and I appreciate the honesty, but to me, if the point is to enjoy analog distortions, go big or go home -- gimme a tape of chiptune music!
So just to properly clarify, vinyls are a hipster's item? I have come across "vinyl has superior sound quality" opinions but if it is objectively true that vinyl is no better than a CD or the resultant FLAC, then that's pretty damning.

Originally Posted by LuxKiller65 View Post
I guess it's not too hard to make, since there isn't much added value (existing music, existing artworks...), and you're sure to sell out everything if you produce a couple thousand pieces.

Now just wait some time and 80% of the copies will be resold to make a profit.
Originally Posted by Judge Ito View Post
But then there's people...

... who think you're actually supposed to listen to chiptunes on vinyl. Or worse, those who take advantage of people who think they want to listen to chiptunes on vinyl. They're cashing in on a hipster craze and they're taking your (rich white parents') money all the way to the bank.
Originally Posted by LuxKiller65 View Post
Because vinyls by western startup companies with wix websites and products manufactured in a random Chinese factory found on Aliexpress.
Now, I thought the hipster crowd was supposed to be anti-war and anti-capitalism etc but this sounds to me like a cynical and profitable attempt at extracting maximum value from consumers at minimal cost. That's less "counter-culture" and more "status quo" me-thinks. This is like the Video Game Grading racket (e.g. inflate prices, no added value). If some of the profits are going to the original artist (e.g. Yuzo Koshiro), then I might relax my judgement very slightly.
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