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Originally Posted by LuxKiller65 View Post
Isn't there an issue with vinyls if the source material is digital, and then moved onto vinyl which is analog?
There's only an issue if it's not mastered properly for vinyl imo.

Also, are the old GMO vinyls and these new trendy vinyls comparable? I mean in terms of vinyl materials used, manufacturing process, and also in terms of source files/recording and transfer to vinyl?
The GMO titles are barely comparable with each other. It seems the contents on those depend on what company they were working with. Some of them are straight up recordings of someone who's playing the game with the sound effects on top of the music while others are only background music.

Source material for new records vary. Some labels are provided with the material from the companies, some extract it themselves from the game hardware. Some labels have in-house mastering engineers, some use freelance mastering engineers, some allow the pressing plants to do the mastering.

Manufacturing process can differ between labels. Some work with multiple companies to work on different stages of manufacturing, others work only with the pressing plant (who in most cases can handle all parts of manufacturing themselves). In most cases the labels will handle the mastering themselves or in collaboration with a mastering studio and then leave the rest of the manufacturing to the pressing plant.

The actual vinyl material used between GMO and now is likely identical (or close) apart colored vinyl being much more popular now. I imagine the pressing process itself is mostly unchanged. Most pressing plants are still running on old machinery from back in the golden age of vinyl since production of new parts is something that only started up again in recent years.

I can't find any info on the websites of these post 2014 vinyls regarding their work process.
Some labels are more transparent about the process than others and in most cases you'd find the info on the actual release rather than the website as the process can differ even between releases. And sometimes, as you note, the info simply isn't made available for whatever reason.
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