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Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
We were talking about having a segment related to games that never had official releases but should have had them, and discuss (game, composer, available game rips). Just hasn't been done yet.
Uhh, no, we didn't talk about that, as I think that's outside of what vgm decibel should be promoting.
Feel free to do that segment over at NGI or a different podcast if you feel compelled to do so though.

To me, the whole point of this show is to detail albums so people can make an informed purchasing decision, such as "This sounds right up my alley, so I'm gonna buy it" or "Eh, this style doesn't match my tastes, so I'll buy something different instead".

If you're gonna talk about rips and should have beens, that's just personal tastes and personal wishlists (which are going to be different for everyone) which wouldn't amount to anything meaningful or productive, it's just blowing smoke in the air.

IMO the purpose isn't to tell stories, or be like other podcasts, or do things that work for other shows; vgm decibel should be focused on steering people to albums they might enjoy so that they're interested enough to actually buy it. (Which is very meaningful when vgm has such small sales numbers).

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