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I think that maybe Akumu talked about that with me, since I'm pretty sure I heard it.

First, I'd like to say that I thought this show was the best of all. I really enjoyed the detailed review of the Ketsui arrange, and I learnd a lot about Mintjam and Terra which was all interesting even though I'm not a big fan of that genre. Moreover, while the intro was long, I think there were some interesting and useful nuggets of info in there, such as the discussion of some of the upcoming box sets, or the fact that Akumu spent much of this year's disposble income picking up Super Mario World. I think that some of the banter also serves the purpose of establishing you guys as personalities, which while I don't have any radio experience, I assume that's important for building and holding an audience. This doesn't need to be too long though, and there are plenty of podcasts in the ambitious schedule over which to spread it out.

Next, I know I haven't given you guys much feedback on the podcasts in general, but I'll try to be more proactive about that. I tend to have a hands-off management style, where I leave you and Akumu free to be creative. I'd never envisioned a podcast for the site, so I consider it all to be a bonus, and that we are fortunate to have people in our community like you guys, who are willing to put a lot of time into contributing something that everyone can enjoy.

Anyway, I'll put together some more specific thoughts when I get back this afternoon.
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