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Interesting post.

I checked my YJA pictures.. and here are the very few i can add my contribution.

L'empereur - KCS-008
my most interesting find

Uncharted Waters 2 - KCS-019
it's small but visible on the front cover

Nobunaga's Ambition: Sengoku Gunyuuden - KCS-001
we already have that entry but my pics are completely differents, could the actual pictures be a sort of slipcase or something..?

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Heroic Legend - KCS-025
i can't be 100% sure since there's no visible catalog number, but the back cover is different from KECH-1062's back..

To be honest, i never paid lot lot of attention to these KCS catalogs.. but i am pretty sure i encountered a lot on YJA without saving the pics..

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