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Lightbulb Looking for a specific type of video game music (plus some original music)


I'm currently looking for inspirational video game music for my own distant video game. A 3D platformer, to be specific. It's a rather specific type of music I'm looking for, so hopefully others might know about more of this than I do.

Alright, first of all, I put a lot of emphasis on drums and bass. I'm a big fan of an involved bass line and meaty, powerful but not too complicated drums.
One of my biggest pet peeves in music is when the snare drum is just a meek little clicky sound. It can ruin a whole track for me.

Another thing I value is a generous sprinkle of melancholy on an otherwise more or less upbeat and light-hearted piece of music.

I also like to keep the number of instruments playing fairly low, which brings me to the last key point that might be a bit weird: Playability. I like the idea of creating soundtracks that could be played by someone with intermediate skills in their respective instruments. Keeping any sort of fast playing, expecially on larger instruments, limited to short bursts, for example.

But this is just me laying out some ideals, not boundaries to what can inspire or not.

TLDR: Here's some of the type of music I'm talking about, not necessarily fulfilling everything I listed above, but is absolutely in the right ballpark:

Star Fox - Corneria
Star Fox 2 - Macbeth
F-zero - Mute City
Stunt Race FX - Sunset Valley
Final Fantasy 6 - Battle theme
Final Fantasy 5 - Desicive battle

There are some slightly outside the ballpark as well, such as Donkey Kong Country, which is very much what I'm looking for, except in terms of energy, and Turtles in Time, which does have the energy, but not the melancholy.

Why am I only posting music from the SNES? Honestly, most of the sort of music I'm looking for happens to be on the SNES. Whether it was because of the SNES' sound chip, or it was because it was the early 90's so some remnants of fat 80's drums were still there, some music on the SNES just has it. If there exists any modern video game music that's like this, that would be awesome. The closest I've come to that is Minor Turbulence from GTA5, but that's it.

I've made a couple of demos with the limited skills I have in composing music, hoping to eventually find someone else to do that, so I can focus on game design and animation. I noticed at least three threads where people posted their own music, so I guess I can post mine:

A battle theme

A normal jungle level theme
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