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Originally Posted by nextday View Post
There's a soundtrack shown in this tweet:

Seems to be a reward for their gold level supporters. I don't think they've shipped it to anyone yet.
I just read through the terms and how you accumulate points. 2,000 points for the soundtrack will require way too much work. You'll basically have to share new information about the game to Twitter, Instagram (5 points per share) or YouTube, Pixiv (10 points per share) until you finally get to 2,000 points. They're basically asking you to turn your social media into an advertising campaign for their game for the next however long it would take for you to accumulate the points you need for the item you want.

I guess I'll be looking on Yahoo Auctions and Mercari for a copy of the soundtrack once they actually do ship them out. Hopefully someone will sell a copy for a decent price.

Otherwise, I hope they actually do end up releasing a retail version. With a lineup of composers like that, it would be a real shame is that didn't happen.
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