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Originally Posted by dissident93 View Post
so list them? :P
haha sorry ^^

Layra Nakagami 中上レイラ (voice 1)
Toshiaki Azuma (voice 2)
Hiroaki MATSUZAWA 松澤浩明 (guitar)
Gôji Tsuno つのごうじ (Keyboard, Bass and Chorus)
Kazuo Shitaya 下谷一夫 ( Drums)

Make-Up Project made only 1 disc/album:
ヒット曲集 II ~ いかなる星の下に = Hitto Kyokushuu II ~ Ikanaru Hoshi no shita ni = Hit music collection II ~ Under any kind of Star

This disc/album is here -->

Band logo -->

The only original member from Make-Up is Hiroaki Matsuzawa. Hiroaki Matsuzawa and Gôji Tsuno participated in other bands (as members or guest musicians) related to the anime Saint seiya.

I hope that's enough Thanks a lot.

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