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I really wish we had a complete set of scans for this. I keep coming back to this and end up leaving just as confused. None of the scans here mention discs 3 or 4 at all (all I see is "Memories of Sylvarant" plastered across everything). In fact, we don't even have scans of its tracklist. It almost makes me think that "Memories of Tethe'alla" (I can only assume) is a separate release, but I see nothing about that either.

Also, the scans of the discs belong to a completely different release entirely. I see KICA-1340 on the most visible disc (with Raine on it). I've searched all over for a full set of scans, but can't find one anywhere. Could somebody who actually owns the physical album pitch in some scans for it? I don't actually own the physical thing, although I sure wish I did ;__;
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