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Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
Ah! That story of furiganas! I've just given a look to Wikipedia and I begin to understand now. So, Deimos no Hanayome would be the correct title, OK. And "Akuma no Hanayome" can't be named like an alternative title? I see that the track 05 "悪魔の花嫁" is translated by "The Bride of the Devil", and not "The Bride of Deimos", it is because there's not furigana here?
No, Akuma no Hanayome is an incorrect reading. The track doesn't have furigana and it's translated too, so obviously that's fine.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
Why do you think that it's bad? Maybe that "Akuma no Hanayome" is correct for the Japaneses too? (That's just an interrogation)
They even omitted the furigana from those covers, I wouldn't consider them accurate. It's not really unusual for them to screw up translations.

Originally Posted by SaintSquall View Post
And I remark that you add the tracks numbers for Columbia Orchestra and Drama cast (with the infos provided at Joshinweb, i suppose). I have hesitated to mention them too, but I didn't put them, because in the CD print, these tracks are not written, neither in the booklet nor on the jacket (I have the CD).
Animex booklets are quite scarce with info sometimes. Joshinweb is generally reliable and quite specific in this case (with the orchestra only on the drama tracks without vocals), so I don't see why not.
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