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Originally Posted by Toad King View Post
IMO, the translation from the case back is probably worth adding for completeness' sake. The CD-TEXT version can be omitted though since it's just formatting differences plus that typo you pointed out.

As for your previous post about the European version, I don't think we have a standard way to specify multiple regions for releases. I think a simple note in the album info should suffice. Even though it looks like it's technically a different release (my version from Amazon US doesn't have "Made in the EU" on the back) we normally don't make reprint entries for releases with identical labels/barcodes/catalog numbers but different regions.
nstz has already added the tracklist. I added the note below as you've suggested.

If someone could scan and add the Back of the US version that would be fantastic. Just for the sake of complete documentation (US/EU version).

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