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Hi there, I didn't know if there's a way to link cddb IDs to vgmdb album IDs.

I'm writing a script to try and organize my music, and for cases where I don't have a lot of metadata, I'm generating everything I need to perform a CDDB lookup. For example:

That returns an entry for the Sonic R Soundtrack, and of course I can grab the CDDB tracklist at

I'd love for my script to be able to figure out the VGMdb album ID once I have a successful lookup.

I noticed the "genre" was returned as Soundtrack1967, and most results seem to have a unique "genre" value - is there a way to extract the ID from that? In this case the album ID for Sonic R is 1646.

Alternatively, maybe the EXTD field in the "cddb read" response could include the VGMdb album ID? Something like EXTD= VGMID: 1646

If there's concern about existing clients not understanding the EXTD field, it could probably be placed in a comment field.

Thank you so much in advance, and thank you so much for this service like, as a whole.
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