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I uploaded some scans I found at this site:
Tracks 2 and 23 have specific performers credited on page 8 of the booklet, but I can't read the Japanese names, or type them out, so it would be nice if someone could add them to the album info and translate them if possible.
All the instruments the musicians used have been abbreviated, as you can see on booklet page 9, but I don't understand what half of the abbreviations mean. Dr is obviously drums, Gt for guitar, etc. but what is Tp? Lat? Does anyone know?

Edit: With the help of Anime News Network's detailed credits for the show ( - look at "Music" under "Japanese Staff") I figured out most of the instrument abbreviations. Now I feel kinda stupid <_< Tb = Trombone, Tp = Trumpet, St = Strings, Hr = Horn. But Lat and Pt are still left, ANN didn't figure those out either.

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