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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
...P3 Fes features an entirely new story that starts after the end of P3...
Which is an epilogue to Persona 3. It has even some main gameplay elements stripped (social links, school attendance). And how long does it take to beat? A fraction of the time it takes to beat the main game. This is where i think your FFX-2 argument doesn't stand.

FES is not a game on its own, the epilogue was also released as an add-on disc (in japan, as 'append edition') so that you don't have to buy a new full-price disc and beat the entire Persona 3 again if you already have.

FES is Persona 3 (with some updates) + the epilogue. This is what's usually considered as director's cut or extended edition. (Wikipedia on Persona 3 FES)

I'm not dismissing your point as wrong, but i think my argument is stronger.
No hard feelings.

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