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Default Cello VGM Kickstarter


My first post here is a shameless self-promotion, but I hope to be more involved in the future -- your music arrangement forums look excellent. I'm Mad, one of those crazy people who think video game music and classical music should be married. And so I made a kickstarter page for arranging VGM for the cello.

Here's a proposed track list:

Final Fantasy VII: JENOVA

Super Mario RPG: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Opponent

Crash Bandicoot: Wizards and Lizards

Shenmue: Sha Hua's theme

Chrono Chross: Scars Left by Time

Chrono Trigger: Main theme

Shadow Hearts: Brain Hopper

Legend of Zelda: Overworld theme

Super Mario Brothers Medley

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney medley

Tales of the Abyss: Karma

Seiken Densetsu 3: Walls and Steels

Secret of Mana: Distant Thunder

GO HERE TO CHECK IT OUT (and possibly spread the word).
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