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Originally Posted by Yahagi93 View Post
Thanks for adding this album, SaintSquall. I went ahead and added the front and back booklet cover for the 32C35 pressing (not my scans) hopefully you don't mind. Hopefully the rest of the image albums can be added soon. Finding all the artists and credits for these Locke image albums are quite a pain.
He he no problem Yahagi93
I had some scans for the first CD print but there were in an awful quality, so I didn't add them. So you have well done
Well, i have just added now the CD "Choujin Locke -Hikari no Ken-", so there are just 2 Image Album to submit, again.

Originally Posted by Yahagi93 View Post
Out of the six image albums, this one is probably my third favorite behind Cosmic Game and Storm of Ronwall. Like you said I really like the new wave / disco sound of Lord Leon. However I personally prefer the rock of Cosmic Game and the heavy prog synth of Storm of Ronwall.
All the Choujin Locke's image albums are great, anyway. I love rock music too (it is my favourite style), but Cosmic Game is not the best for me about rock music (I prefer Pelican Road's image albums, by example), although it is very good. I like less the CD "Choujin Locke Honoo no Tora" (COCC-72202), because there are a lot of dramas, but the songs are very good too.
So my personal classification would be:
1) Lord Leon
2) Hikari no Ken
3) Cosmic Game
4) Rock Suite Choujin Locke (COCC-72201)
5) Ronwall no Arashi
6) Honoo no Tora

But this classification can change again, in the future
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