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Originally Posted by Illidan View Post
The names are in English on JASRAC so they look fine:
Full name for the first one should be Howard Ellington Riddiford Barnes. No idea about the other one.
Ok. So we can definitively have trust in Joshinweb.

I think Rock is fine for the title. Also added the English title to this one and a few others that were missing it so at least they're somewhat consistent (the title was on some reprints).
"Locke The Superman" is well written on the back booklet of 35C35-7152 (only here?). I didn't notice it. You have a good sight.
What about the others? Hikari no Ken? You find the English title for this album? Where it is?

EDIT: I wouldn't write it in all caps, it's a normal name. JASRAC always write English in all caps for some reason, but we don't follow that.
Ok, ok.
By the way, why did you delete my brackets on the line "Performed by" for the members of Talizman? I just did like you for the album "Lord Leon".
Plus Satoshi Ishii hasn't done some vocals, if you delete the brackets.
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