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Default CRCP-40242: Cover Metal Then / Dr. Metal Factory

It seems to me that there are only 2 covers of anime songs, but if you see others, please add the products represented.
I also can't find a logo at the end of the credits, below "Ken Kikuchi" (see the scan).

This album certainly contains the best arrangement of "Pegasus Fantasy" to date.
The song is more dynamic, rock than the original, the instrumentation is great and Nobuo Yamada aka NoB never sang this song as well. For this arrangement alone, the purchase of this album is essential for Saint Seiya fans! (or at least absolutely listen to this cover!) But otherwise the rest of the album is excellent too, the cover of the Street Fighter II song is great, and I have a crush for the fantastic 8th track: "Saigo no Iiwakeā€¯. In my opinion NoB has not released any better album for over 10 years (the albums with the band DAIDA LAIDA are not his best, I think). Otherwise you can listen to samples on CDJapan, although the album is no longer available on the site.
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