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Default Cthulhu Saves the World Original Sound Track

Since I've discovered that an updated version of the soundtrack has been released, I've changed the download link (now it sends you to the page with the updated version), and used as release date the one when the updated soundtrack came out.
I've also added a new tracklist (since I dunno how to update/delete the old one) with the new tracks, and corrected the typo of track 20, wich is no more in the updated version.

Anyway, since I can't find anywhere a "second track name" (the one between brackets) for the new tracks, I can't add it. And it appears that there is no place to find that in old tracks either, so, according to the mp3 track names, I removed them ; I would like to ask to the guy who created this entry where he found them...

You can still find the old tracklist until someone deletes it.

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