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I noticed there was no translation of the track titles. I wanted to give it a shot, and listed below is what I have. I used the in-game BGM select as a reference and translated the rest on my own. I'm not sure how to translate parts of tracks 19 and 20; maybe someone with better Japanese skills can be of some help.

01 Age of Awakening -Opening-
02 Blue Moon Hill -Initial Settings[?]-
03 Fulcrum of Chaos -Oda Clan Theme-
04 The Call of the Land -Uesugi Clan Theme-
05 Across the Empty Sky -Takeda Clan Theme-
06 Waiting for Spring -Hōjō Clan Theme-
07 Plains of Horses -Tokugawa Clan Theme-
08 Thoughtless Aspirations -Imagawa Clan Theme-
09 The Long, Harsh Winter -Date Clan Theme-
10 The Lessons of War -Mōri Clan Theme-
11 That Beyond Death -Shimazu Clan Theme-
12 Soaring Swords -Common Daimyo Theme-
13 Where I May Stand -Regent/Shogun Theme-
14 Forever Looking Forward -Diplomacy Theme-
15 Banquet of Tranquility -Event-
16 The Evening Quiet -Event-
17 A Fistful of Debris -Event-
18 Fortress of the New Moon -Invasion-
19 A Raging Spirit -[?]-
20 As Morning Comes -[?]-
21 Swirling Tides of Battle -Field Battle-
22 The Unequaled Valley -Siege-
23 Howling of the Wolves -Event-
24 To The Endless Skies -Recollection-
25 The Call of the Lonely -Epilogue-
26 Memories of a Warrior -Ending-
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