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Originally Posted by VGMLover View Post
Is it just me, or is "The Price of Freedom" a really really good piece of music? The opening with the violin and what sounds like an acoustic guitar really is quite melancholy and emotional.
Certainly not just you - I waxed lyrical about it too (and rambled on about other stuff), albeit on his artist forum thread instead:

Originally Posted by layzee View Post
I would say that his first stand-out track was in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. It was the first track to really grab my attention and made me loop it 50 times in order to analyse the song's intricacies. That track was "The Price of Freedom". I haven't played the game yet but when I listen to this song, I imagine someone being forced to fight his best friend, even though he doesn't want to. Just like Rockman, who doesn't really want to fight but feels it is his duty to do so. Some people might call this "emo" behaviour but eh. Emotional situations call for emotional songs.
By the way, for those of you who are guitar players, is that the pentatonic minor scale at 1:00 onward?
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