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Default "The Price of Freedom"

Originally Posted by layzee View Post
Certainly not just you - I waxed lyrical about it too (and rambled on about other stuff), albeit on his artist forum thread instead:

By the way, for those of you who are guitar players, is that the pentatonic minor scale at 1:00 onward?
Hi layzee,

Thanks for your message. I haven't come across Takeharu Ishimoto's name before, so I'm glad that you dropped it here (I read your post on his artist forum thread). I didn't realize that he really has made significant contributions to both Square Enix and Final Fantasy games, particularly the Dissidia series.

I like the Dissidia soundtracks because I consider them to have different versions of Final Fantasy OST fan-favorite pieces of music. We have Distant Worlds and Game Concerts (full classical music orchestra), A New World (chamber classical music orchestra), The Black Mages and Earthbound Papas (rock band), BRA★BRA FINAL FANTASY BRASS de BRAVO (concert band/wind orchestra), Piano Collections/Opera (solo piano), SQUARE ENIX JAZZ -FINAL FANTASY- coming out on November 22, 2017 (jazz), and of course, the Dissidia series (rearrangements), including the new Arcade album releases (two of them as of now, I don't know if Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will get another soundtrack release).

"The Price of Freedom" got my attention when I heard it during a cutscene in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. After this piece plays, another piece of music plays in the rock-style genre with the electric guitar and drums (I haven't identified its name yet), then an excerpt from Final Fantasy VII's legendary song follows (avoiding its name to prevent spoilers, just in case). Well done.

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