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Default Track Time Discrepancies

What's the etiquette/correct procedure for adjusting track times? I've been ripping random albums lately and a few albums have tracks with track times that differ by 1 to 2 seconds (but mostly 1). Multiply the 1 second difference by the number of tracks (e.g. 20 tracks = 20 second disc time difference) and this prevents the vgmdb freedb from picking up the album. I understand that different disc drives might rip albums differently with different CD ripping programs, and different music players may display the times differently. And just because the official website for a particular album might have track times listed, it might not necessarily be technically accurate.

For the record, 99% of my rips are "accurate rips" using EAC and encoded/tagged with foobar so theoretically my accurate rips should be the same as other people's accurate rips and there should be no problem, or rather it would indeed be beneficial, if I went ahead and corrected the track times.
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