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Shame it'll never be released on audio disc or bluray and it's an exclusive to ebten, so that rules out any ordering from the usual places. If someone wants to add these to the notes section, go ahead.

The band this time is almost the same as GGxBB Live 2011 and ArcSys 25th Anniversary Live in 2013. Fumiya Morishita replaced Ken*Ken during the in between.

The live band:
Atsushi Hasegawa (bass)
Toshihiro Kajihara (guitar)
Toshiya Watanabe (guitar)
Ryuta Tsubokawa (guitar)
YUHKI (keys)
Fumiya Morishita (drums)
Ayumu Koshikawa (violin)

Naoki Hashimoto (vocals on Ride the Fire, Lily, Heavy Day)
Tsuyoshi Koyama (vocals on Bang!Bang!BigBang! -Justice Will Prevail! The Hero has Come!- and Gale)
Toa Yukinari (vocals on Spirit of Fire ~REVENGER~ and Blue-bloom ~Spiral~)
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