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Default BEST OF The Legend of Heroes GOLD & SILVER

Before everything : INFOS here.

I'll probably need help on this entry for many reasons:

- I am not 100% sure if both CDs are included in the box, or is the silver CD only available with a contest or something ?
I doubt about this because i have seen pics from the GOLD cd but not the SILVER cd yet.

- not sure if you want to make 2 entries, or only 1 with both CDs (depends of the 1st point too)

- Credits
I gathered credits from many albums, generally the ones the song were taken from (see entry notes)
though, i haven't credited any musicians yet, this include: the jdk bands, Leone Fredrik Richter and other musicians credited separately from the jdk bands.
Vocalists & Chorists are credited.

I am not sure how do you want to credit such albums for musicians, because some members are credited within the jdk band, and sometimes get separate credits.

(see current notes for gathered infos)
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