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Default YMDj - Sega Genesis/Megadrive Music Sequencer

Note to VGMdb forum admin and mods : I wanted to share this project I'm working on with your community. I figured since it relates directly to Video Game Music that it would fit in this forum. This tracker is a utility that allows you to compose Sega Genesis/Megadrive music on the actual hardware or within an emulator.

Note Entry

Synth Editor (YM2612 FM)

Song Screen for arranging patterns

Chain Screen

Demo Video
A quick video I did showcasing the progress of YMDj. Playback Engine is working, FM channels 1-6 work well and playback. I even wrote a quick song for you guys. Still no DAC or PSG playback support yet at the time of this video. Lots of work to do.


-Note: if you feel your name is missing from this list let me know-
-Side note: if you would rather your real name or screen name be listed instead, please let me know-
-Another side note: these are the people that have helped in some way with this project (info, donations, life lessons)
-Final side note: This list is to be added to the tracker itself when the Options Menu is implemented-

My fiancee' Deseree
Jazzmarazz aka Jordan A. Joslin
Professor Chuck Kelly
Peter Swimm
the mist toggles
David DeGraw
TmEE aka Tiido
Chilly Willy
Mask of Destiny
Michael "Bibin" Moffit
James Hansen
Originoo Draggon Esopus

General Thanks:

YMDj- A Native Sega Genesis/Megadrive Music Tracker
YMDj, is a music sequencer/tracker programmed in 68k assembly and is in development for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. It uses the YM2612 FM sound chip and the PSG SN76489 sound chip in Sega's 16-bit console to produce sound.

Currently: v0.16
Implemented Synth Editor.
Implemented Playback Engine.
Implemented FM channels 1-6.
Implemented PSG channels 1-4.
Implemented software envelopes for PSG channels.
Fixed many bugs and crashing issues.

Navigation improvements
Gamepad button delay/speed improvements
Button combo handling improvements
Fix crash that sometimes happens on really low FM notes.
Fix PSG note table routines
Options menu
Palette Editing
Tempo Control
Interface improvements (On/Off for synth 0 or 1 settings) (Off Left Right Both for panning settings FM)
Remembering cursor position on Song screen
Fixing playback timing to YM2612 timers instead of vertical_counter
Tracker Commands
DAC support
Ch 3/6 special mode
Groove support
SRAM support Saving/Loading
Live mode
Look into CSM mode synthesis

Very old demo, v 0.07 can be downloaded here:

Use the dpad to navigate the cursor, button C to edit, button A + dpad to navigate different screens. Only sound channels FM1, PSG1-4 produce sound in this demo.

This is NTSC only for now. When the tracker matures, support for PAL will be added.

EDIT: Jazzmarazz has confirmed this working well on a Sega Genesis model 3. Thank you for testing!
EDIT EDIT: Corthax has confirmed this working on a Nomad. Red + Blue is difficult to read. Time for a color change. Thanks Corthax.

I'm now accepting donations via Paypal. Donations toward this project will be used to fund
development. This means that your donations will go towards the costs of the hardware required for testing, cart runs, and keeping this project alive. Additionally if you donate, your name will be mentioned in the "Special Thanks" in the "About" section of the tracker when the Options Menu is implemented, please make sure I get your name!
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