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Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
The Alion print is a bootleg of the Digicube release, which is NOT identical to the Sleigh Bells release.

This is also clearly indicated on the album page.

It says nothing about SBPS-0004~5, for good reasons.
I'm well aware of all of this and am not sure why you feel the need to explain it. I said in my previous post that the other version is a re-recording, did I not? This conversation started with regret over buying a bootleg of a version of the Xenosaga soundtrack.

Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
And Flareovium114 never said anything about "wanting an official version of the Xenosaga music". Stop trying to make stuff up.
Okay, there is an assumption on my end there, but I don't think it's unreasonable to think that most people are mainly after having the music and don't care which recording/mastering it is. Flareovium already placed their order with CDJ so chiming in with "ACTUALLY you didn't buy it" feels unproductive to me. But maybe I'm wrong and Flareovium really will insist on having the original print and didn't triple check the catalog number even after being screwed over by a bootleg once.

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