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Default Taiko no Tatsujin Sorairo Ver. Premium CD

I'm going to update this entry based on the pictures available here:

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. is printed all over this, even though by the time this was actually sent out, the switch to BANDAI NAMCO in English had happened. It's probably just because of the delay in sending these out.

This tracklist was originally on this entry and it seems really wrong, I don't know where it came from:

01 夜櫻ブレヰダアズ
02 愛想笑い
03 化物月夜
04 Calculator
06 D's Adventure Note
07 Eternal bond
08 にんじんにん
09 珈琲の味と
10 ドキドキ恋の予感!?
11 重金属フューギティブ
12 春竜 ~Haryu~
13 Hurtling boys
14 大空と太鼓の踊り
15 時空庁時空1課
16 カラ鞠の花
17 ナイトメア・サバイバー
18 Phoenix
19 SORA-VI 火ノ鳥
20 ツンデレCafeへようこそ☆
21 豊穣弥生
22 リスドンヴァルナの黄昏
23 零の夜想曲
24 ナイトメア・サバイバ― (プロトタイプ版)
25 SORA VI 火の鳥 (プロトタイプ版)
26 はるのゆめ
27 新2000シリーズ

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