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Seventh Rebirth ~Mini Soundtrack~ (Yasunori Mitsuda)

There are only 200 copies out there. They were given away in a raffle during the game's promotion on Twitter to people who retweeted a particular Tweet from GungHo. By retweeting you were automatically entered into the drawing. 200 people were chosen and sent the album, as well as a letter from GungHo indicating that they had been chosen in the raffle.

You can find information about the raffle (in Japanese) on this page.

As far as I can find, only one copy sold on Mercari for ¥3,500 at some point.

But I can't find any record of it appearing on Yahoo Japan Auctions or anywhere else online.

As of this post, VGMDB shows one person has the album in their collection, but it's marked "private" so we can't see who has it.

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