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Was just emailed the info below by Sega, hence the iTunes child album add. If anyone could look through and verify that I've added it properly, I'd appreciate it. On the US iTunes store, the release date says 12/22 (i.e. same as the physical), so that may be the proper/more official date to have in this entry instead. I leave it up to y'all.

Related to whether the 3 volumes should have three separate iTunes entries, I'd agree only if the music content was somehow different. I think we need to exercise common sense, but either way I don't mind the end result. If the thinking is that they need to be separate because the albums can only be bought through individual volumes, that's OK. I may have missed a discussion & consensus of this very issue.


The Complete Sonic Colors™ Original Soundtrack “Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors” available for digital download!

“Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors”, the Sonic Colors original soundtrack, will be available to download via digital distribution on the Apple iTunes Store in North America, EU & Japan from January 26th 2011.

This album features all 82 tracks from the game, including the opening theme “Reach For The Stars” with vocals by Cash Cash, a pop-rock band from New Jersey, USA, and “Speak With Your Heart”, the distinctive ending theme.

Orchestral themes recorded in Amsterdam and in-game music are also featured, showcasing an exciting hybrid of analog and electronic tracks.

“Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors” allows the listener to enjoy music tracks which illustrate the speed and colorful sound reminiscent of the “Color Power” action from the game.

Product Name
ViViD SOUND x HYBRiD COLORS Vol. 1 ~ Vol. 3
Release date
Jan 26th 2011
Wave Master Inc.
Official Website

iTunes Price (all tax inc):
<per track>
US – 1.29USD
UK – 0.99GBP

<per disc/album>
US – 9.99USD
UK – 7.99GBP
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