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Default Public Submission of Website Links

Users can now attach website links to albums by selecting "Manage Links" in an album's edit menu.

Submission is fairly straightforward, as there is a field for the url, and one for the title. If you leave the title blank, it will try to parse the html title tag; keep in mind that sometimes it has trouble with foreign language encodings, so you may have to manually enter it anyway. The website type is broken into 4 categories:

Official - An official page put up by the album's production company
Reference - Any source that contains important data about the album
Review - Reviews that cover the album
Commercial - Sites other than the official site where the album can be purchased

Previously this capability was restricted to staff and editors, but the completion of a website moderation queue allows this to be opened to the public.

For the moment, public submission of web links is restricted to the album pages, but I'll enable it for artists and organizations once it has been sufficiently tested.
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