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Although I've been trying to advertise more action being taken in reviews in most of my posts on the forum, I don't feel like anyone's really taking it seriously even though reviewing is something that we can do not to only improve others' abilities, but also improve our own through really being able to flesh out what we like and dislike in others' works. Instead of reviews, what we have is people making empty remarks in the forum or empty votes on our pieces. These actions serve nothing of substance to anyone, really.

Therefore, I again implore you all to start reviewing rather than just rating. And I'm not talking about just reviewing your favorite song; no song in the competition is perfect and we all need everyone's assistance. I personally have not yet voted on everyone's song yet because I'm taking the time to think about each and every one and am trying to give feedback based on what I hear. And, most importantly, I'm trying to be critically constructive, pointing out what I perceive as both the good and the bad, rather than posting something that may piss someone off (I don't say this because I think someone else has; rather, based on the forum posts I can't say that people will necessarily be well poised. I feel like, Kidd, you may think that as a shot to you since I commented on it in the other thread, but it's not; actually, your review of dabeat's song is a good example of something that people should do more of).

In short, review, be constructive, and aid us all.