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Originally Posted by Mika View Post
Only competition between the sites is the time users spent in them, and it's pointless to drag the leaders in this because in the end it's the users who decide where they spent their time in.
Exactly. To me there are two types of sites you can build: for yourself or for others.

What you do to a site doesn't matter when building for yourself, but when you're building for others you really have to take a good hard look at the human element. As Blitz said the remix community is already oversaturated. Yes, this site does offer functionality differences but these are trumped by the culture/community aspect of the other sites' users. People will always choose an imperfect experience* if they feel they recieve something of more value in return. In the case of the remix community that could be the already established bonds that each user share on their respective "home turf" site.

Lastly you've already doomed yourself. Like it or not parts of the VGM community are very close and by naming names you've already closed off many doors; even if reconciled later. I know from experience.

*Please note I do not mean to say that any existing site is by some means inferior.