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I've found that when people say they are "too busy" to do something, it really comes down to "I don't want to do it." For example, if I called someone and asked him or her to go snowtubing, as I did recently, and (s)he says that (s)he's "too busy," it really means that (s)he would rather do other things. In this case, the person went on a trip to Philly for the weekend instead. If I had offered the person a free vacation to a tropical island, then (s)he would have have been "too busy" to go to Philly.

Even comparisons between work and leisure activities can be looked at this way. Take someone who is "too busy" in work to play video games. What that really means is that the person wants to work harder in order to get a raise, or to impress the boss, or to simply retain the position. If the person was a Final Fantasy diehard fan, though, then I wouldn't bet on him being too busy at work for games on Tuesday.

The idea of experience points is to make reviewing just a tiny bit more important. With enough visitors, at least one person will be tipped over that edge of not being able to review right now and will tell someone else they are "too busy" while they finish writing the review
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