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We are expanding our coverage to include anime albums. There are really just two things that are holding this back:
  • We need content filters so that visitors who are interested in game music don't have to see the anime music, and vice versa
  • We need to attract anime experts who are detail-oriented and who can fulfill roles on staff and as trusted editors.
The biggest challenge for covering anime music will be maintaining a high standard of quality in the face of a flurry of anime fans who tend to be overly enthusiastic. Presently, anime albums are being added by staff and trusted editors as they see fit. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more people adding anime albums right now, but I want them to be good submissions by careful submitters. I can offer a few pointers.
  • Quality over quantity. One good entry is better than 100 incomplete entries.
  • Be careful of pulling fan tracklists from the web. Try to find good, trustable sources.
  • Verify information from trusted Japanese sources, or from the real album if you own it.
  • Watch out for fan titles too. If you can find the official Japanese title, or provide a scan, someone here can determine the correct title.
  • When dealing with OP/ED themes, etc., it's important to provide the track-specific credits in the notes.
  • Cite references in the forum threads. Don't be afraid to ask for help either.
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