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There definitely doesn't seem to be a comprehensive database for it.. at least not that I've seen. Hopefully people pick up and help out here, though it will take a while for it to be really there.

Originally Posted by zzeroparticle View Post
Just an issue to note is the treatment of VN soundtracks like Clannad's which currently belong in the Game category (which it should) and if people interested only in anime music are filtering out Game OSTs, Clannad will not fall on their searches and whatnot. It's something to think about at least because there'll be headaches in implementing it =P
For some reason, it seems if people wanted to just see anime music, it doesn't seem like it would matter if they didn't see the VN soundtracks, but maybe some people would. I think they will still show up anyway as long as you don't filter out Game. Ah, I guess it doesn't.

Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post

* We need content filters so that visitors who are interested in game music don't have to see the anime music, and vice versa
It seems kind of funny about filtering content. Isn't there already a way to filter it? Advanced Search and just either check Game or Video/Animation (green or red, depending on what people want). ?

Edit: I think what you meant was for the main page. Under 'What's New' and 'Just Added', and maybe more (and I'm not sure if there's a way to filter that...)
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