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Originally Posted by Razakin View Post
Is Kanji Saito (斉藤寛志) the correct reading of this artist? This used to be Hiroshi Saito.
Should be, barring a misprint. Sound World of Populous -G.S.M. IMAGINEER 1- credits him as "斉藤寛志" on the booklet 1 scan and "KANJI SAITO" on the booklet 5 scan. 寛志 can be read as both "Hiroshi" and "Kanji," hence the earlier confusion.

Originally Posted by Razakin View Post
And is the other Hiroshi Saito same guy (probably not).
Probably not, but there isn't a ton of information about him, since he hasn't worked on a whole lot of anything. His name pretty consistently appears as 斉藤ひろし, so I'm pretty sure it's a different guy.

It also doesn't help that he and Kanji Saito both apparently worked on Yukyu Kumikyoku ~All Star Project~ Soundtrack (on different tracks), but I think I've got their discographies sorted out.
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