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rap/scream seem hard to differentiate, or may need a listen to verify/moderate ('screamed' rather than 'sung' a track?)
Remix always confuses the hell out to me too.

What about some kind of generic 'sound'/'uncertain' role? ie.- some staff roll has "Sound: dude1, dude2". You know dude1 composed, dude2 def. did "something" (SE/music/programming..). You could link dude2 as 'sound', to fix later (interviews, etc). That way the discographies are more complete, yet we indicate their role is still under verification so people don't assume composition.
(this would be great to me for SNK/Capcom/Konami albums with no scans, or no liner notes)

An instrument combo like the scans captions (combo as base freetext + further freetext) would be nice.

Also, how do you guys feel about adding artists with few/one role? I think the more the merrier and saves time for later linking (ex.- one-hit-wonder resurfaces), but maybe it clutters the DB?
Similarly, I'm tempted to separate some aliases (ex maiden names) since seems more logical (name+kanji).
Any revision of the alias system planned...?

EDIT: some kind of "click here, show other roles" and "hide the performers (there are so many)" buttons in the pages would be quite useful...

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