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Not that it will matter in the big picture (as credits usually aren't fine grained enough anyway) but I find the omission of "sound engineer" baffling. I'd probably replace "sfx artist" with that. A sound engineer is not necessarily a synth programmer for me as the latter's job is to tune an existing synthesizer (like FM synths etc.) while a sound engineer can also record real sounds and instruments and needs to tweak and optimize them to fit the limited wavetable space while still sounding fine in use (like I'd imagine the idea for "sfx artist"'s job was, but funnily enough e.g. in case of SNES the sfx job is more one of synth programming, programming the SPC700's white noise channel...).

Originally Posted by Cedille
I guess Minoru Akao was often credited just because his sound driver was used in that game.
That may have been the case after the SNES days (can't say either way) but back then the was a great sound engineer/sfx artist/synth programmer all in one (the famous real time generated wind sound in FF6, real time XOR generated e-guitar squarewave instrument in RS3 and FM:GH just to name the feats I can't recall seeing from any other developer).

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