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Could somebody help me understand the tracklists we have here? The "English (Disc Chapters)" tracklist differs vastly from what seem to be the original tracklists in English and Japanese, yet the times for the original tracklists match up with the Chapters tracklist... up to where the tracklists stop. It makes so little sense, I'm not even sure I'm explaining this right XD Here's a detailed example of what I mean:

Track 01 for Disc Chapters: Voices Opening (Orchestra Tuning) - 1:31
Track 02 for Disc Chapters: Prelude (FF Series) - 3:39

Track 01 for English / Japanese: Prelude (Final Fantasy Series) - 1:31

So basically, "Voices Opening (Orchestra Tuning)" has been... skipped? but what is now the first track(?), Prelude, in the English / Japanese tracklists is the same length as the Orchestra Tuning in the Disc Chapters tracklist. The same disc also apparently has 2 different lengths, as the English / Japanese tracklists report 79:26 and the Disc Chapters tracklist reports 144:57.

Truly, I am lost.
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