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I didn't start out collecting VGM for the sake of collecting. 12 years ago, buying new albums was the only way to really discover music that you hadn't encountered while playing games (which obviously leaves out a shit ton of albums for stuff that never left Japan, not to mention much of the arranged albums in existence). Reviews and samples at places like soundtrackcentral were a huge help in seeing what was out there. So adding some here, some there, it adds up over time.

A lot of my collection now is stuff that has eaten its' way into my very psyche and was either from stuff I was already familiar with or discovered through that whole "exploration" period way back when, when I stumbled onto Tokimeki Memorial, Falcom, KOF, Sakura Wars, etc. I'm pretty out of touch with a lot of newer VGM, so usually when I add something nowadays, it is an older, coveted release that has had the "want" factor building for awhile. *caresses Game Music Graffiti*
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