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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
SSCX-10103: B-Boy Park 2001 E.P (DigiCube, there are other B-Boy albums here, add? not related to vgm though)
SSCX-10104: B-Boy Park 2001 Aratanaru Michi e... (DigiCube, same)
Maybe this has already been decided, but I just have to ask... do we seriously want these B-Boy Park albums in the database just because they were released by DigiCube? If we won't add stuff that loosely relates to anime, like some manga CDs or whatever we decided to hold off adding, then we definitely shouldn't add these. The manga albums are at least related to some franchise we have listings for; these B-Boy Park CDs have nothing to do with anything. I don't think it should matter that DigiCube released them. DigiCube can release non-VGM stuff and (obviously ) they have done so. Non-VGM (and non-anime) stuff like this should head on over to a J-pop database where it will feel right at home

Oh, and this was actually directed at the couple of these albums we already have in the database, in the early hundreds.

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