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In my opinion "Synth Programmers" should be linked as performers.
For example, I program the keys of my synthesizer to sound the way I want it to be. Synthesizer is a musical instrument, So, by programming the synth keys, I am already doing music, or, I am already performing music.

I agree in one subhect, that is when the booklet does not have enough info so we can know what "Programmer" means. Normally it is always associated for synthesizer programming, but we do not have the luxury to Guess these things, because we try to be as truthfull as we can with the infos we add in here.

So my conclusion is:
Synthesizer Programmer / Keys Programming / Synth Programmer (which is all the same, just different smell) should be credited as Performer
If we only have info just saying "Programmer", we don't really know what that artist in question programmed.
If I do something wrong, please pm me to let me know.
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