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I've actually had the exact same thing happen to me on eBay - buyer's account had just been created that day - and the listing was valued at almost twice that amount. I had no problems, so no, I wouldn't cancel the sale. Do what MiLO said and require a signature. I did the same thing, and also like MiLO said, if it's worth that much then there's no way you should not be requiring a signature anyway. The package has tracking too, does it not?

A lot of people aren't into the eBay thing, but they finally see something they just have to get and can't find it anywhere else, so they create an account just to buy it. This could be one of those cases. Of course if you're really paranoid about it and are going to lose hair and sleep over it until the time window your buyer can dispute the purchase elapses, don't do it.
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