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Unhappy Search by UPC in main search box.

Hello everyone. Long time lurker and first time poster.
I have finally gotten around to starting to add my considerable collection to this site. However I have run into a bit of a bottleneck.
To make things as easy as possible to catalog my entire collection both here and on (for non Japanese releases) I use a UPC scanner.
The scanner scans the barcode and automatically hits enter all in 1 press of the trigger. I have noticed however that the main search box on the top left of this site does not seem to allow searches by default. I have confirmed that the items I am scanning include UPCs in their listings.

I am aware that I can search by UPC under advanced search, However that is a lot of extra clicks per CD.

Is there something I am missing?
If not is this a feature that can be implemented?
Thanks so much!
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