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If you mean the exact NES music: no.
If you mean remixes/arrangements: well, sorta.

The Strider Hiryu Sound Chronicle's third disc supposedly contains two arrangements: Kazakh City (which didn't sound much like the first NES stage to me) and Egypt (which seems to be the 'Phantom Train' from the Egypt stage). That third disc is a reprint of the Strider Digital Soundtrack, but since you're also interested in Strider 2, you might as well track down that Sound Chronicle seeing as the second disc is essentially Strider 2's first disc without the vocal track.

However, I'd like to know how Sound Chronicle's first disc compares to Strider 2's second disc, seeing as the track times are different and Sound Chronicle has two extra tracks.

On another note, there's allegedly this tape that exists, which inspired (or is based off of?) the NES Strider. But besides a defunct blog where the images came from, it seems to be nonexistent. I'd be willing to put up some money just to get high quality scans.
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